Unlock the Full Potential of your InBody Devices

View all your InBody health data, including body composition results, activity levels, and blood pressure data, in the InBody App.

Up Close & Personal

An overview of the InBody App

All Data in One App

Body composition data, blood pressure data, and activity data is uploaded alongside your full history and ranking. 

Securely Store your Data

With the InBody app, your privacy is secured on our encrypted servers.

Your Results in Real Time

Your results are immediately uploaded to the InBody App after testing on any device.

Connect with Others

With the Ranking feature you can share your data with your friends, family, or provider to help you make informed decisions based on your results.

Share Data

With the InBody app you can track, store, and share all of your data. Sharing data through the ranking feature in the app allows you and your friends to keep each other motivated with a friendly competition 

 Within your settings you also have the option to share your results with either your health care provider or fitness trainer’s lookin body web account. This allows them to remotely monitor your progress through the H20N and BAND2 data. Finally, you can also integrate InBody app data with the Apple Health or Samsung Health apps.  

Hub for All Data

With the InBody App, you can view all of your health data right from your phone. Track your body composition by checking your results after every test, on both consumer and professional devices, or view your full history. You also have the option to share your data in app with your friends, family, or provider. Alongside body composition data you can also view your BAND2 data, which will give you an overview of your activity level and sleep history. Finally, you can track your blood pressure results from the BPBIO 320s.

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