Consumer Product Warranty and Return Policy

This Consumer Product Warranty and Return Policy (“Policy”) is Biospace, Inc.’s warranty and return policy as it pertains to InBody-brand consumer products (“Products”), such as the InBody H20N, sold through Biospace, Inc.’s consumer product webpage/subdomain (“Site”), and specifically excludes and does not apply to InBody-brand professional-use models, such as the InBody 770 body composition analyzer. As part of your purchase of Products via the Site, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Warranty Guidelines
    1. Accessories/Consumer Products: (BAND Series, H20 Series, PUSH)) All Products are covered under a limited 1-year (365 days) warranty. The warranty starts from the date of purchase stated on customer receipt. The warranty service provided will be in the form of a repair or replacement, in Biospace, Inc.’s (“InBody”) sole discretion. The Product must be shipped back to InBody for proper inspection prior to issuing a resolution. InBody will cover the cost of the repair or replacement and shipping.
      1. Damage to a Product caused by you is specifically excluded from this warranty.
      2. This Policy is not applicable for disposable items, such as InBody-brand paper or tissue, and such disposable items are specifically excluded from this warranty.
  2. Free Shipping: InBody will cover shipping costs to purchasers within the continental United States, which shall not include Alaska, Hawaii, or any United States territory, for orders over $149.00, not including ancillary costs such as taxes and shipping fees.
  3. Returns, Refunds, and Discounts.
    1. Accessories and/or Products can be returned to InBody within 30 calendar days of purchase if unopened and unused. The following conditions apply to such returned items:
      1. Shipping is refundable only for Accessories or Products returned for defects or maintenance-related reasons. For all other returns, you shall be liable for shipping costs.
      2. A 15% restocking fee, calculated from the total package value, if the following conditions apply to the returned item:
        1. Returned item box is open or in poor condition, in InBody’s sole discretion;
        2. Missing contents of the original package, including packaging;
      3. Poor condition of the returned item(s) will result in a 25% restocking fee, based on the total package value.
    2. Subscription Fees: Refunds will not be provided for subscription fees. If a customer was billed or charged improperly, the amount will be deducted from the next billing cycle. Additionally, the amount incorrectly charged can be prorated and can be used to extend subscription services.
      1. In the event you decide to cancel your subscription and have been charged incorrectly, InBody will refund the difference of the incorrect charged amount.
  4. Other Warranties
    1. Repair Warranty: Repair warranty is a special 6-month warranty provided by InBody for all parts used during a repair, which will cover parts, labor, and shipping.
  5. International Products and Services
    1. General Policy: InBody will not provide support and repair services for any international InBody Products or Accessories. If the serial number provided does not originate from the United States, the Product or Accessory to which the serial number pertains will be considered an international product. Customers who have purchased InBody Products or Accessories from InBody and have transported those Products and/or Accessories outside of the United States may be provided with limited support options.
    2. International Products: The following section applies to customers who have purchased InBody Products and/or Accessories internationally and are currently using them within the United States.
      1. Basic Support:InBody shall provide general support for all InBody-brand Products, but not Accessories. However, any specific or advanced support will not be provided.
      2. Repair services:Any InBody Products or Accessories with international serial numbers will not qualify for repair services. Customers with international InBody Products and/or Accessories must contact their original dealer or distributor for support.
    3. Outside the US and Caribbean Territories: The following section applies to customers who have taken their InBody Products and/or Accessories outside of the United States and for customers in the Caribbean island territories managed by InBody
      1. Support: Support will be limited to basic support and troubleshooting for customers who have taken their Products and/or Accessories outside of the United States; however, InBody shall provide customers in the Caribbean island territories managed by InBody standard support services.
      2. Repair services: The customer must arrange own shipping to and from InBody's service center. InBody can also pick up and deliver the product if the InBody product is located within the United States. However, InBody will not ship or deliver internationally.