Return Policy

Does the BAND2/PUSH/H20N/BP 170 come with a manufacturers warranty?

All accessories/consumer products are covered under a limited 1-year (365 days) warranty. The warranty starts from the date of purchase stated on customer receipt. The warranty service provided will be in the form of a repair or replacement. The item must be shipped back for proper inspection prior to issuing a resolution. InBody will cover the cost of the repair or replacement and shipping.

Do I really need to keep the original box and padding?

Yes, you are recommended to keep the orginal packaging in the event you need to send the InBody device back to us. InBody may require you to purchase a new box in the event you lose the original. Box fees vary depending on InBody device and model. Shipping fees may apply.

Can I take my InBody outside of the US?

If you take your InBody outside of US territory, InBody is no longer obligated to service your unit and the warranty will become void.

Do you offer any repair warranty?

Repair warranty is a special 6-month warranty provided by the Product Support Team for all parts used during a repair. Although parts come with a 90-day limited warranty, the product support team will provide up to 6 months coverage (up to 1 year on some warranty parts). Repair warranty will cover part, labor, and shipping

Do you accept returns?

Accessories/Consumer Products: Accessory/Consumer Products can be returned within 30 days of purchase if unopened and unused. Opened or used items can be returned with certain conditions that apply i. Shipping is non-refundable ii. There will be a 15% restocking fee if the following conditions apply 1. Open box or poor conditioned packaging 2. Missing contents of the original package including packaging 3. Poor condition of the returned content will result in a 25% restocking fee