Where can I find the PUSH user's manual?

You can find a copy of the PUSH user's manual here.

How do I measure height with a PUSH Stadiometer?

It is quick, easy, convenient, and accurate thanks to ultrasound sensors. Watch the PUSH Stadiometer video below for a quick demonstration.

What is the grade of precision for the measurement?


What is the PUSH Stadiometer?

The PUSH uses an ultrasonic sensor for accurate height measurement. It accurately measures an individual’s height using an ultrasound sensor. It also displays temperature and humidity in the surrounding environment. It has a sleek triangular design that fits easily in one hand.

Can I have the result chart in my computer?

PUSH has iOS and Android compatible apps to track measurement results. Keeping track of your child’s height is important. By regularly measuring your child’s height and charting it on the PUSH app, you will learn how their growth is progressing and how it compares to other children their age.

Does this device need to be calibrated?

No, it does not need to be calibrated. Just make sure to level it first referring to the level indicator before you press the "PUSH" button.