Does the H20N sync with Samsung/Apple Health?

Yes, It's a setting you can have turned on or off within the InBody app.

Can I view both my professional device data and H20N data in the app?

Yes, the InBody App allows a user to see readouts from all linked InBody devices.

Is there a chart by gender to gauge/rank/score your skeletal muscle mass number? How do you know if it's good or not?

In the app you will be able to see if your results are within the appropriate range.

Where can I find the H20N user's manual?

You can find a copy of the H20N user's manual here.

Can I change the units on the H20N from IN to KG?

Although it is not possible to change the units on the hardware device you can change the units on the InBody APP. To change the units on the InBody App, you must go to settings->scroll down to General->tap Units->change units accordingly.

How many frequencies does it use?

Two frequencies: 20 kHz and 100 kHz

Does the InBody H20N provide intracellular vs. extracellular water readings and mass breakdown by trunk, arms (left/right) & legs (left/right)?

Although the technology used in the H20N is the same as the InBody professional devices, the amount of outputs featured on the H20N does not provide ICW/ECW nor the Segmental Lean Analysis. The H20N highlights the most influential body composition outputs for the general consumer which includes: weight, skeletal muscle mass, body fat mass, body fat %, body mass index and basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Can multiple users utilizing the InBody App obtain measurements from a single device, or does is each device specific to a particular InBody App account?

Multiple users can use a single InBody device to obtain separate measurements.

What can I use to disinfect the InBody?

Wear disposable gloves and use 70% (or above) Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes to disinfect the InBody while paying special attention to the hand electrodes, footplate, screen, and any other part of the device that is frequently touched. To prevent damage to the device: Do not spray or pour liquids directly on your InBody device. Do not immerse any part of the InBody device in liquid. Do not use cleaning agents composed of quaternary ammonium components such as benzalkonium/benzylalkonium chloride, which may cause discoloration and corrosion.

How often can you take an InBody Test?

The frequency of measurement is fully dependent on each facility and program. InBody recommends testing every 2-4 weeks.

How long does an InBody H20N Test take?

8 seconds

Why do I need to remove my shoes and socks for the test?

Because the bottom of your feet must be in direct contact with the electrodes, clothing items such as shoes, socks, stockings or leggings must be removed for accurate results. Watch the Precautionary Steps video to see all the steps to take to ensure accurate InBody Tests.

Why should I stand upright during the test?

The InBody requires you to stand upright because an upright position resembles the natural state of the human body.

Are there any height, weight, or age restrictions for the H20N?

Weight range: 22 - 330 lbs. Age range: 3 years to 99 years

How does this compare to the commercial grade InBody in the gym? Will results be close?

The InBody H20N’s outputs (body fat mass, body fat %, skeletal muscle mass) are accurately correlated with the professional lines. It is a great home-use device to monitor a few key outputs in between getting professional segmental tests done.

Do you have to enter your height every time?

Height is important in order to measure impedance in order to measure body composition. However, If you initiate the InBody test through the app, you won't have to enter it. Just download the InBody app from the app store, register, pair your scale with your phone, start the test, and see your results on the phone.

Does this scale measure your body as a whole or break it down for arms and legs etc?

The InBody H20N, consumer scale, measures your body as a whole while our professional models can break it down by each segment.

Can this device be used professionally?

It is recommended for personal use.