What is the difference between the H20N and H20B?

Both the at-home scales utilize the same technology, and have similar product specs. The main difference between the devices is color variation and accreditation. The H20B has an FDA 510k clearance and is registered as a Class II Medical Device.

I have an InBody Professional Unit and am looking for an option to monitor my clients/patients remotely, can I use the H20B for this purpose?

As a part of the InBody ecosystem you can utilize our at-home scales to monitor clients/patients remotely with an active LookinBody Web account. With the FDA 510k clearance the H20B would be the recommended product for this purpose.

My InBody Test Results are not consistent throughout the day, why is there a difference in outcomes.

It is recommended to maintain the same testing conditions from test to test to produce high data reproducibility and comparability. Posture can affect test results, make sure your hands and feet come in contact with the electrodes properly. Maintain this posture until the test is complete. InBody recommends testing during the same time of day, under the same conditions for accuracy.

What is the standard range of body fat percentage?

What does my InBody Ranking mean?

Your InBody Ranking is based off a formula that compares your weight, muscle mass, and body fat mass. A person with a high body fat percentage would have a lower score than a person with a lower body fat percentage.

What if the user does not know his or her height?

Height is important for obtaining accurate InBody Test results. Measure the user on a stadiometer.

If the user’s thighs or armpits touch, would that affect the test results?

Yes. If the user’s thighs or armpits touch, have him or her wear a light short sleeve shirt and shorts to obtain more accurate results.

How do you make the results stay on the screen longer?

InBody Test results are shown on the LCD screen for 100 seconds. If you want to see it for a longer period of time, turn the dial.