BP 170

Does a carrying case come with it?

Storage pouch is provided.

Does it record automatically?

Must press either M1 or M2 button in order to save the readings in the device. (Up to 100 readings is saved for each person)

How to re-calibrate?

BP 170 calibrates automatically when you restart the device. Please refer to the User’s Manual or contact Product Support for further information about calibration.

Can this blood pressure cuff take readings through clothing like a sweatshirt?

According to the American Heart Association, it is recommended to measure BP at bare arm for the most accurate result. (Source: How to accurately measure blood pressure at home | American Heart Association) Although there is still on-going discussion about whether to take BP measurement at bare arm or on clothing, InBody does not recommend BP reading to be taken while wearing thick clothes such as sweatshirt. (Source: Comparison of blood pressure measurements on the bare arm, over a sleeve and over a rolled-up sleeve in the elderly | Family Practice | Oxford Academic (oup.com))

Does the device work with Android and Apple both?

Yes. InBody App needs to be downloaded on the device.

How should you store the automatic blood pressure?

  • Unfold the cuff and place it in a storage pouch with the blood pressure monitor.
  • Wipe any stains of the main body of the unit with a smooth and lint free cloth.

Which time of day is good for measuring your blood pressure?

  • It is recommended to measure the blood pressure before breakfast after getting up and urinating.
  • If you measure in the evening is recommended to measure the blood pressure before bedtime.
  • Since the blood pressure may fluctuate from 30 to 50 mmHg, it is recommended to measure at the same time every day.

The blood pressure value is higher than the value measured in the hospital.

  • When measuring blood pressure with the cuff loosely wound, the blood pressure may be measured higher.
  • In order to accurately measure it, tighten the cuff well so that there is no gap between the cuff and arm.
  • Have you taken antihypertensive drugs (hypotensor) in the hospital? If you have taken antihypertensive drugs, the blood pressure may be heightened as the drug effect drops down gradually.

The blood pressure value is lower than the value measured in the hospital.

  • Since you are psychologically stable at home, the blood pressure may usually show lower by 20 to 30 mmHg than measurement in the hospital.
  • If the cuff position is higher than the heart during the measurement, the blood pressure may be measured low.
  • Hold up a pillow or cushion under your arm.

The blood pressure values are different per every measurement

  • The blood pressure fluctuates continuously even in a day. For the correct blood pressure management, measure at the same time. The blood pressure may change as the following cases;
    • Within 1 hour after a meal or after having alcohol, coffee, black tea, smoking, taking a bath, exercise, or urination and defecation.
    • When talking or moving during the measurement, when being anxious or not relaxed, or when the measurement place is different than usual.