BP 170

How should you store the the BP 170 and cuff?

  • Unfold the cuff and place it in a storage pouch with the BP 170.
  • Wipe any stains of the main body of the unit with a smooth and lint free cloth.

Does it record automatically?

The BP 170 is able to store to store data but pressing either M1 or M2 button in order to save the readings in the device. (Up to 100 readings is saved for each person). With BP 170B you are able to store data on the unit like the BP 170 but also on the InBody app.

Does a carrying case come with it?

Storage pouch is provided.

How to re-calibrate?

BP 170 calibrates automatically when you restart the device. Please refer to the User’s Manual or contact Product Support for further information about calibration.


Is BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) accurate?

Historically, BIA technology, devices, and results have been met with some degree of skepticism. However, InBody technology addresses these concerns with its technological features and provides great precision and accuracy for total body and regional measurements. Learn more about InBody Technology.

How do InBody devices work?

InBody devices use direct segmental measurement bioelectrical impedance analysis (DSM-BIA) to precisely measure body composition by sending multiple electrical currents through the body, resulting in up to six different impedance readings for the trunk and each of the four limbs. The innovative in-depth analysis of the InBody Test yields accurate results for body composition outputs, such as body fat mass, skeletal muscle mass, (segmental) lean body mass, and percent body fat. Learn more about InBody technology.

How do InBody devices compare to other BIA devices and what are the major technical differences between the InBody and other BIA devices?

InBody's body composition analyzers rely on four pillars of technology to provide clients with accurate and precise results. This includes direct segmental measurements, multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (DSM-MFBIA), and no population based empirical estimations, such as gender and age.

Can the InBody test people with prosthetic limbs?

Unfortunately, the electrical currents utilized in InBody products are unable to flow through prosthetic limbs. The electrodes must come into contact with the body at all eight contact points: thumbs, palms, soles, and heels. The InBody S10 allows those with amputated limbs to test with the adhesive electrodes. However, the data for amputated limbs may not be accurate, so results should be analyzed by a medical professional for accurate health consultations.


Do you offer Expedited Shipping?

Standard shipping is free for orders over $149 However, if you want faster delivery or your order does not meet the criteria for free standard shipping, the shipping cost is determined by the weight and size of your purchased items, the distance between our closest warehouse and your shipping address, and the shipping service requested.

Do you offer Free Shipping?

Yes, we offer Free Shipping for all orders over $149

Return Policy

Does the BAND2/PUSH/H20N/BP 170 come with a manufacturers warranty?

All accessories/consumer products are covered under a limited 1-year (365 days) warranty. The warranty starts from the date of purchase stated on customer receipt. The warranty service provided will be in the form of a repair or replacement. The item must be shipped back for proper inspection prior to issuing a resolution. InBody will cover the cost of the repair or replacement and shipping.

Do I really need to keep the original box and padding?

Yes, you are recommended to keep the orginal packaging in the event you need to send the InBody device back to us. InBody may require you to purchase a new box in the event you lose the original. Box fees vary depending on InBody device and model. Shipping fees may apply.

Can I take my InBody outside of the US?

If you take your InBody outside of US territory, InBody is no longer obligated to service your unit and the warranty will become void.

Do you offer any repair warranty?

Repair warranty is a special 6-month warranty provided by the Product Support Team for all parts used during a repair. Although parts come with a 90-day limited warranty, the product support team will provide up to 6 months coverage (up to 1 year on some warranty parts). Repair warranty will cover part, labor, and shipping


Can I change the units on the H20N from IN to CM or LB to KG?

Although it is not possible to change the units on the hardware device you can change the units on the InBody APP. To change the units on the InBody App, you must go to settings->scroll down to General->tap Units->change units accordingly.

Does the H20N sync with Samsung/Apple Health?

Yes, It's a setting you can have turned on or off within the InBody app.

Can I view both my professional device data and H20N data in the app?

Yes, the InBody App allows a user to see readouts from all linked InBody devices.

Is there a chart by gender to gauge/rank/score your skeletal muscle mass number? How do you know if it's good or not?

In the app you will be able to see if your results are within the appropriate range.


What is the difference between the H20N and H20B?

Both the at-home scales utilize the same technology, and have similar product specs. The main difference between the devices is color variation and accreditation. The H20B has an FDA 510k clearance and is registered as a Class II Medical Device.

I have an InBody Professional Unit and am looking for an option to monitor my clients/patients remotely, can I use the H20B for this purpose?

As a part of the InBody ecosystem you can utilize our at-home scales to monitor clients/patients remotely with an active LookinBody Web account. With the FDA 510k clearance the H20B would be the recommended product for this purpose.

My InBody Test Results are not consistent throughout the day, why is there a difference in outcomes.

It is recommended to maintain the same testing conditions from test to test to produce high data reproducibility and comparability. Posture can affect test results, make sure your hands and feet come in contact with the electrodes properly. Maintain this posture until the test is complete. InBody recommends testing during the same time of day, under the same conditions for accuracy.

What is the standard range of body fat percentage?


Is the Band2 able to sync to other apps?

Yes, the Band2 is able to sync to to Apple & Samsung Health.

Where can I find the BAND2 Users Manual?

You can find a copy of the BAND2 User's Manual here.

Can I enter weight and height in kilogram and meters? Is it possible to print the results through the App?

Yes, you may enter your weight and height in "kg" or "m". You may share your results from the app via message or email, but you cannot print directly from the App.

Can you measure body water with the BAND2?

The BAND2 provides body fat and lean muscle mass measurements, but does not provide a body water measurement.


What is the grade of precision for the measurement?


Where can I find the PUSH user's manual?

You can find a copy of the PUSH user's manual here.

How do I measure height with a PUSH Stadiometer?

It is quick, easy, convenient, and accurate thanks to ultrasound sensors. Watch the PUSH Stadiometer video below for a quick demonstration.

What is the PUSH Stadiometer?

The PUSH uses an ultrasonic sensor for accurate height measurement. It accurately measures an individual’s height using an ultrasound sensor. It also displays temperature and humidity in the surrounding environment. It has a sleek triangular design that fits easily in one hand.


The app is asking to access my Contacts to use the Ranking feature. Why is this necessary?

The app asks for your contact acess so that you can share results with others.

How many people can share this scale? Will the data upload only the current measurements to the app running whoever's phone is connected?

Multiple users can separately and independently sync to the scale through their own InBody App. In other words, only one user can log into one application. And only one app can be connected to one device at a time. In order to switch user within application, previous user must log off of their application and re-login with different account. In order to switch user on a device, establish a new connection with new user's account, application, and phone.

Can you change the language of the InBody App?

The languages on the app are English, Dutch, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Italian, Thai, and Chinese (Madarin).

Can I see my test results on a computer, such as a MacBook? Is there software to facilitate this? Can I print my results via the App?

The InBody App uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your iPhone. Software is provided to facilitate this feature. Printing functions are enabled via the App.